What's the purpose of having both Packman and SUSE signs?

What's the purpose of having both Packman and SUSE signs as Packaman contains mostly SUSE packages? Also is it possible to make those fance 1-click install buttons not only for Ubuntu and Debian?

What's the proper way of providing information about repositories? For example, here http://www.lgdb.org/game/lgeneral I asked to add a link to the repo page but I see nothing in the right part. Where to write such info when aubmitting new games?


Packman vs. openSUSE
As i understand packman repo has different games then openSUSE. When i started to add repo info there was no simple way to look for openSUSE packages so i added Packman.


The way it works now makes it possible to add 1-click-install, but only for a specific openSUSE version e.g. 11.4

Add repo info
You need to change two things: add the distribution tag you want (e.g. openSUSE)
AND provide the name of the package.
(you did the first, but the second thing was not possible, it is now)