Galactic Vice - New Real-time strategy game for Linux

Galactic Vice is a new, SciFi RTS game featuring two races at war. Vital mistakes made by a corrupt human empire lead to a catastrophic war against an alien race--one in which humanity is pushed to the brink of extinction.

Galactic Vice has recently reached a major development milestone, and the developers are looking to expand their team and get additional support.

Although a FREE game, it is a commercially driven project. It has its roots in Linux, and runs on the most common variants (and Windows too).

Official Announcement:
Release Notes:
Demo Video:

Main Menu Scene

Rainforest Map

Rainforest Battle

Volcanic Map

Volcanic Battle


Can anybody test it, please? It requires OpenGL 3.0, but my machine doesn't support it.

works, but is very limited only one map, no multiplayer, no AI, no settings screen

Ok, I think we should wait then and not add it for now until the project becomes more mature.

I have tested it as well a few days ago.
As said by sixsixfive there isn't much for now.
All you can do is roam the map with 5 units and kill 5 enemy units that don't fight back.