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Linux Air Combat has been upgraded to version 5.67 as of late February 2018.

Improvements include:

1- Better aircraft and airfield graphics: A new subfolder, named "Optional3dModels", contains more detailed .3ds models for some of the aircraft, and for the HQ airfields. Use of these files is optional. When none of these files are used, the visual appearance of the aircraft and arfields is optimized for maximum frame-rate, which will work best on older, or lower-powered LINUX desktop PCs, and which will always result in the smoothest graphics. On the other hand, users with sufficiently modern and/or sufficiently powerful Linux desktop PC hardware can replace any of the files in the old ~/models subfolder with the corresponding files from this new "Optional3dModels" subfolder, and the corresponding aircraft or airfield will thereafter look a lot better.

2- Source code has been cleaned up a little bit more. For example, I eliminated every reference to the unused "stdlib.h" header file. I also made the code more robust so that it is no longer possible to use misconfigured text fields within the LacConfig.txt or LacControls.txt files to cause "buffer overflow" errors. This was done by modernizing all of the relevant instances of "strcpy()" and "strcat()" within all of the code files, replacing them with "strncpy()" and "strncat()" as appropriate.

3- I fixed a small visual anomaly that was causing a tiny "shimmering" effect along coastlines when flying certain aircraft. This has made visual effects even smoother when flying those aircraft.

4- Two obscure name references were changed from "AIR COMBAT FOR LINUX" to "LINUX AIR COMBAT".

5- I eliminated the redundant menu option that was allowing players to try to change their aircraft immediately before launching each mission. (The preferred way to do this is to use the prominent "DEFAULT AIRCRAFT" menu logic that is displayed at top of the list of missions.)

Get latest version here:

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Forum topic: GL-117 Update news

I've updated Linux Air Combat to version 5.64, supporting 53 aircraft of World War II vintage. The feature set is now stable and, after a year and a half of beta testing, I've removed the prominent "Beta Test" label. The vintage "GL-117" graphics are still evident. The soul of GL-117 lives on in this new sim. I salute Tom Drexl and the others that contributed to this legacy. Here's a comprehensive video review in the form of a YouTube playlist:

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If that's indeed the type of game he's looking for it might be 'patterns' from Simon Tathams PortablePuzzle Collection,

(and if it's not, but he likes puzzles, he should go there anyhow ;^>)

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Forum topic: IT IS NOT FREE!!!

My bad , the source code was to be found in the forums of 3drealms , last activity on it was in 2011, as i understand it is mildly uncompilable , ...
so tough luck

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You are searching for picmi ( It is apparently a Nonogram game (see )

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Forum topic: FreeCraft / Stratagus

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stratagus/ppa
sudo apt-get update
(for ubuntu)
(for opensuse)
you just have to own the original cd's for the game to work.

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Forum topic: Very weird...

Sounds pretty darn disturbing, one of the weirdest mods I've seen. Almost looks like some kind of troll slapped the thing together as a great big joke. One can hope.

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Forum topic: No breaks

I will add, just so that anyone skimming through and thinks the game is missing a critical feature, this is intentional. It's a bit like the controls in the arcade game Asteroids.