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Emulator: BeagleSNES

The link is unavailable. But sharing my rig ( ) haven't tried the emulator since im using Linux as my main OS. It should on mine properly.

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Forum topic: Wall of Text

Good change. And nice game.

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The graphic was all made in Inkscape and every image was made with its shades.
It uses no 3D engine. The game is definitively 2D.
You can literally see each frame of each image on the image folder in the game code:

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Forum topic: Feedback

Yes, that's right. If the FPS drops below 10 the character becomes crazy. it is something I need to fix.

May I know your computer specs ?


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Forum topic: Feedback

I notice that the player just go crazy (rapid turning?) when it start to lag really bad.

That probably just means my computer just sucks too much to play this.

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Forum topic: Wall of Text

Ok, good advice.

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Tool: RetroFE

One year no new release or update. Not sure if it's in Active Development anymore :(

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Forum topic: Feedback

It should work now. Give it a chance when you have some time.