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Forum topic: Poor game

The standard AI level is "MEDIUM", try to play with "SANDBOX" , "VERY EASY" or "EASY" instead of saying stupid things about this game... Altought it is in ALPHA yet

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Forum topic: GL-117 Update news
A Screenshot from Linux Air Combat V5.02 (September 2017)
A video review of Linux Air Combat V4.02 from YouTube

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Forum topic: A question


Currently there is no way to mod the game. The development is going a bit slow, but I will look further into modding!

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Forum topic: A question

I really hope that

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This has sense, but the major part of the games in this database are abandoned, and for an user who came and search for some games it will be a "bad" thing to see that lot of games (Maybe the one he was looking at) are abandoned, isn't it?

sorry for the bad english

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Forum topic: DEAD



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I like your suggestion very much! +1 :-)

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Forum topic: 9 of 10

Great game. As another poster pointed out OpenLieroX and OpenClonk are great games too but get less attention. Maybe TeeWorlds even got some of its inspiration from these games. However, I installed OpenClonk only to find that the servers are always empty. That's a pity. No such problem with TeeWorlds - it's clearly very popular.