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Forum topic: IT IS NOT FREE!!!

My bad , the source code was to be found in the forums of 3drealms , last activity on it was in 2011, as i understand it is mildly uncompilable , ...
so tough luck

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You are searching for picmi ( It is apparently a Nonogram game (see )

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Forum topic: FreeCraft / Stratagus

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stratagus/ppa
sudo apt-get update
(for ubuntu)
(for opensuse)
you just have to own the original cd's for the game to work.

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Forum topic: Very weird...

Sounds pretty darn disturbing, one of the weirdest mods I've seen. Almost looks like some kind of troll slapped the thing together as a great big joke. One can hope.

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Forum topic: No breaks

I will add, just so that anyone skimming through and thinks the game is missing a critical feature, this is intentional. It's a bit like the controls in the arcade game Asteroids.

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Forum topic: Poor game

The standard AI level is "MEDIUM", try to play with "SANDBOX" , "VERY EASY" or "EASY" instead of saying stupid things about this game... Altought it is in ALPHA yet

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Forum topic: A question


Currently there is no way to mod the game. The development is going a bit slow, but I will look further into modding!

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Forum topic: A question

I really hope that