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Forum topic: Release 72

Size: 4667750400 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL72.iso
MD5Sum: a219b37a5044b32f42b196c14ee03af3 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL72.iso

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Forum topic: Open source

Hey everyone,

I'm the author behind trAInsported.
I just stumbled across this - thanks for adding the game to the database! I didn't know about the LGDB, it's awesome! :) I'll be sure to browse through the games!

I used the WTFPL because it was the most permissive license I could find. I found it hilarious that this creates a discussion about whether or not to add it to a list of open-source licenses (and I agree - the reasons at OSI for not adding it are funny).
Just wanted to note that, if in doubt about the license type, you can always download it, add an MIT license or similar, and re-upload it with the new license. The WTFPL should allow that (as far as I understand it).

Kinda defeats the purpose of WTFPL, but hey...

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Forum topic: Compile issues

FYI, gory has been ported to the pandora linux hand held device by ptitSeb !

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Forum topic: Free Drivers

Theyre not so damn bugged, and have better performance (in CS:GO atleast).
For me at least

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Forum topic: Free Drivers

whats the point of using free drivers if you still need an unfree and heavily closed gaming client to play it?

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Good news! Could you tag the latest release on GitHub?

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Forum topic: Open source

The WTFPL is absolutely an open-source license. Whether a license is open-source is determined by its compliance with the OSI definition - *not* through explicit inclusion in the approved licenses. The list of approved licenses exists purely to provide extra assurance.

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Forum topic: Poor game

instead of raging around on sites, you could tell that the developers in a civilized manner.

For me, the game is running in singleplayer just fine, but multiplayer is laggy