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Forum topic: Free Drivers

whats the point of using free drivers if you still need an unfree and heavily closed gaming client to play it?

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Good news! Could you tag the latest release on GitHub?

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Forum topic: Open source

The WTFPL is absolutely an open-source license. Whether a license is open-source is determined by its compliance with the OSI definition - *not* through explicit inclusion in the approved licenses. The list of approved licenses exists purely to provide extra assurance.

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Forum topic: Poor game

instead of raging around on sites, you could tell that the developers in a civilized manner.

For me, the game is running in singleplayer just fine, but multiplayer is laggy

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Forum topic: 32BIT Only

calm down, its working on 64bit here just fine.

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Forum topic: 32BIT Only

YOU MUST ADD IT TO - > Minimum system requirements:

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Forum topic: Open source

I just went ahead and changed it to open source [approval pending]. Source code is there, the WTFPL meets all 10 criteria of the Open Source Definition AND the 4 freedoms of the Free Software Definition.

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Forum topic: Open source

Fair license doesn't allow warranty, even if it's highly unlikely that someone would put a warranty.
it also require the license to be included with the works, something that WTFPL doesn't require.

it doesn't cover everything that WTFPL does.