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> that you can pay good money for

well I'm ready to pay for a good story since that is something that open source games can't offer, so as long I get a DRM-free version I'll will be a loyal customer ;)

>to maybe aquire a binary that has the possibility to run on your machine in the future.

not really different than a new gcc version that breaks all build scripts...

anyway my 15 year old loki games still run fine, and the most of my commercial games are adventure games with nearly zero replay value

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;) I agree, it would be great if lgdb gets payed for posting the games, but sadly thats not the case. There are games that will never see a working version and to my personal dismay ARMA 3 will likely be one of them, but i don't share your opinion that lgdb is listing too many and too frequent.

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I'm glad it works now, because i have no idea what was causing the previous error. Please ask if you need any more assistant.

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That is really weird, because at the time of the first post above, clicking "Add More" went to adding more categories. Now it works just fine though (expect many games, a few at a time!).


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Yes, i think so ;)
In the top menu there is a link called Add more try that one. From there it should be kinda well documented what you have to do.

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I'm afraid this game was disabled because of its disturbing content.

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Forum topic: linux game?

>can be run natively on linux.

true its a dos game ported with doxbox and sold and supported as Linux game. its also tagged as emulated( )

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Forum topic: No Linux?

nice ;)