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Sweet! Will the closed development releases be multiplatform too? I'll try the demo.

By the way, you can also spread the word in the indiegamestand forum.

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Forum topic: Site was down

On that note, I've been paying reasonable attention to the Aggregated News, and I really don't recall all that news that suddenly popped up by the Time Doctor. Is it just me, or was all that not really there before, even 6 days ago? Maybe I'm just paranoid, especially after a large crash.

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thanks, i edited the article. after the team changed to a new forum all linux references are gone....

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Forum topic: Site was down

The server this site was hosted on was compromised and consequently shut down. It took me a while to transfer the site to a new host. In the next days, the other sites that went down as well will be moved too.

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There game is currently only available in Russian, but the developers said (in the blog post announcing the version 1.0) that they are working on English and German versions.

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Please update your list.

Nominees for May 2014:
OpenMW (engine), OpenXcom, gemrb, ArxLibertatis, VCMI, OpenRA, OpenSpades, doomsday engine, Stratagus, CaesarIA

Nominees for July 2014:
Widelands, FlightGear, StepMania, CrossFire, KeeperRL, Unvanquished, PokerTH, Freeciv, HyperRogue, GlPortal

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Forum topic: Strange description

Someone ported it to the raspberry PI.