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Forum topic: Release 57

Since people were complaining about large download sizes, I went ahead and made a Release 56 -> Release 57 patch.!4BFBESAZ!bWWBN4L5aKQUNvkTGAlWz-tbWR0nh0F01ob015BFJHY

It is 7.3MB and can be applied with xdelta3. Patches any further back are considerably larger, but if someone really needs one I have versions back to release 54.

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Forum topic: Outdated screenshots

Feel free to upload new ones :)

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Forum topic: KUB 3d Game with cubes


I'm trying to run KUB by "" but i get "Segmentation fault (core dumped)"... I'm new with Linux, so i need some help with it.
i'm using "ZorinOS 9 Lite" (it's Ubuntu distro), netbook with intel atom 1.6, Intel GMA 3150, 2GB RAM

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Forum topic: ChaosEsque Release 54

For anyone that wants an update between versions, a contributor has uploaded the files you need.

Here is a latest code update where the bots now know about grenades etc: they will throw grenades, flashbangs, smokegrenades, place landmines and ATmines, and also bury mines (if they can (if a mine in on ground, grass, snow, sand, dirt, etc it can be buried with the bury command))

Makes the game more fun :D

And hard to assault a base.
Flashbangs really blind you blanca for awhile.

These files go in the directory:



(You may also wish to get these small files which are seldom updated aswell:)



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Forum topic: Cool updates

The next version will include a xp and level system.
I hope you'll enjoy it :)

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Forum topic: ChaosEsque Release 54

Note: If you have a recent version (53 etc) and just want to update the code
a contributor has uploaded those files, additionally, seperatly.

You can place the following files in the directory XonoticChaosEsque/data/
replacing the older versions of these 2 files:

(There are also git repos available)

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One of the contributors did you a little favor.
You can put these in you XonoticEtc/data/ directory you have from downloading a previous ChaosEsque ISO:

This won't have map updates but it is today's code, this one time.
Maybe you should thank that contributor for helping you out this day.

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This should be above the 52 release comment.