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There game is currently only available in Russian, but the developers said (in the blog post announcing the version 1.0) that they are working on English and German versions.

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Please update your list.

Nominees for May 2014:
OpenMW (engine), OpenXcom, gemrb, ArxLibertatis, VCMI, OpenRA, OpenSpades, doomsday engine, Stratagus, CaesarIA

Nominees for July 2014:
Widelands, FlightGear, StepMania, CrossFire, KeeperRL, Unvanquished, PokerTH, Freeciv, HyperRogue, GlPortal

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Forum topic: Strange description

Someone ported it to the raspberry PI.

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Forum topic: Needs more screenshots

Above "mikeeusa" is an impostor. Not real mikeeusa obviously.

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Forum topic: Not enough PONIES!;a=shortlog;h=r...

By MirceaKitsune

Put the xmdl-pony_v4.1.pk3 in your .xonotic/data/ folder.
(you could also put it in XontoicChaosesqueAnthology/data/ folder if you wished.

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Forum topic: Needs more screenshots

Look at the video. Cool bots. Hard to kill.

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Forum topic: Release 60

Also some more builable furniture: Bookshelf, emptyshelf.