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Forum topic: Release 58

Thanks for making those.

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Forum topic: Release 58

OSX should work too. The binaries for OSX and win are never touched as none of the current team has machines to compile bins for that (and the actual game code is in QC which runs on a VM on the engine itself, so the engine binaries don't need to be recompiled). Linux 32 and 64 bins are updated when there is some fix or little feature added to the engine (almost never). We'd like to start hacking more on the engine and extending things (max entity, a bunch of other things, such as "god flare" for suns) someday but will need to learn the magic of making releases for OSX and win before then.

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Forum topic: Release 59

Between releases, the updates are often in these 2 files.

You can place the following files in the directory XonoticChaosEsque/data/

replacing the older versions of these 2 files:

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Forum topic: Release 58

57 to 58 delta/patch!oUcEVRCa!gJsTD4IAcxblpsE4EGSDbyo2m-9AyD6VfpQJB7raW2k

Includes everything needed for Windows and GNU/Linux users, OSX may work. 7zip needed to decompress

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hi looks like its depends on browser, in chromium i can see video (thumbnail is bad), but in firefox there i only screenshots.
i use linux;)

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Forum topic: Release 57

No problem, thanks for releasing the game.

I will post another delta next release.

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You are right, I have requested an update to fix the GOG link, remove the Desura link and add the Humble Store.

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Forum topic: Thanks for the update

Thanks for the frequently feedback.
We are almost done with the next update, hope you'll enjoy.