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Forum topic: Release 59

Between releases, the updates are often in these 2 files.

You can place the following files in the directory XonoticChaosEsque/data/

replacing the older versions of these 2 files:

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Forum topic: Release 58

57 to 58 delta/patch!oUcEVRCa!gJsTD4IAcxblpsE4EGSDbyo2m-9AyD6VfpQJB7raW2k

Includes everything needed for Windows and GNU/Linux users, OSX may work. 7zip needed to decompress

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hi looks like its depends on browser, in chromium i can see video (thumbnail is bad), but in firefox there i only screenshots.
i use linux;)

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Forum topic: Release 57

No problem, thanks for releasing the game.

I will post another delta next release.

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You are right, I have requested an update to fix the GOG link, remove the Desura link and add the Humble Store.

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Forum topic: Thanks for the update

Thanks for the frequently feedback.
We are almost done with the next update, hope you'll enjoy.

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The thumbnail does not show up, but theres a play button which works fine

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Forum topic: Release 57

The team welcomes outside help like this.

If anyone wants to make an 'official' chaosesque website with forum etc, feel free.
None in the team really wants to do the work for that (would rather code and work on game media).

Thankyou again for making the delta.