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Game: Dead Cyborg

Doesn't render properly and the controls don't work in Linux x86_64/Burster

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Game: DOOM

Prboom's classic experience ftw.

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Game: Pathological

Looks like someone failed to notice the name of this site...

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Release 1.0 suffers from software rot.

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Game: Kobo Deluxe

I once sat down to play this for a couple minutes and then looked back up at the clock. It was FOUR HOURS later! Nothing beats getting in "the zone" with this game.

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Game: Overgod

Thanks, I was surprised he made such switch , from rogue to shooter.

I like this game.

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Game: Overgod

> A game by Linley Henzell, is he the original author of Crawl?
Indeed, he's an author of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

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Game: Vulture

The more I play it, the more I like it. All the features of Nethack (or SLASH'EM or UnNetHack) plus nice graphics and sound.