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I made a patch for it that will force linking to system libcurl and libtinyxml, but it still segfaults.

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Game: Pathological

.. So do you think it's forbidden to mention the W-word on LGDB? :P

That game was written in Python so the OS shouldn't matter that much, anyway..

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Yeah, looks like it's problematically to get it compiled. I've made some progress, but stuck on linkage error:

ResourceManager.cpp:(.text+0x3c8): undefined reference to `RWops_from_ziStream(ziStream&)'
ResourceManager.cpp:(.text+0x404): undefined reference to `GLTexture::GLTexture(unsigned int, SDL_Surface*, bool)'

At this point I'm not sure what libraries should be added (RWops* is surely some SDL related stuff, but -lSDL was specified; so I bet RWops_from_ziStream is some kind of zlib-SDL extension; but I don't know what library contains it).

If you want to go this far, you'll have to:

  • Set executable bit for ./configure scripts
  • Download curl tarball from it's website and extract /docs directory to /scum-1.0-src/curl
  • Add #include <string.h> and #include <stdlib.h> directive to appropriate *.cpp files (see make error output)
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Game: Dead Cyborg

Doesn't render properly and the controls don't work in Linux x86_64/Burster

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Game: DOOM

Prboom's classic experience ftw.

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Game: Pathological

Looks like someone failed to notice the name of this site...

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Release 1.0 suffers from software rot.

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Game: Kobo Deluxe

I once sat down to play this for a couple minutes and then looked back up at the clock. It was FOUR HOURS later! Nothing beats getting in "the zone" with this game.