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I like this over many other titles.

The cute Ballz move at a constant speed, player just bounce to collect.

simple& precise control.

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Game: SuperTuxKart

It will be a great game if it can get online play and real-time level editing(coop).

It now have user-content download system.

Still long way to go, first to get Network game-play.

Map also can refine.

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Game: Orxonox

Not finished yet. Bookmark this one to come back to later.

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Forum topic: Game Making tools

how can i disagree with a cute girl? ^^
A category "Game making" under tools is my preferred option.

but as darkhog said this is not for engines, if we want to list engines, we will definitely create a completely new category.

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Game: Performous

Thanks, updated.

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Forum topic: Game Making tools

If I understand you correctly, then you can add them to "Tools" ( section (see for example). Of course we could add separate section "Game Making tools", but I think there aren't too much of such a tools currently.
However, what we can do is to add "Game Making" category within "Tools" (now game making stuff goes under Miscellaneous category). Let's see what pheonton thinks.

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Forum topic: Game Making tools

Maybe we could add a category to tools like.. "Game maker" ?

But how many game makers have Linux versions? So far I only found Stencyl, which creates flash games..

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Forum topic: Game Making tools

You can just do modification then...