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Game: The Cursed

It is interesting how MODDB players vote. by graphics?

8 votes, 9.6 of 10 there, while the game still need loads of graphical and game-play tweaks.

Its good if you feel like a traditional RTS player.

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It use too much space for such a game.

Its alright. Fun with more players, sadly I cannot find.

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Dead as a good prototype

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Game: SuperTux

No this just a poor clone, 4 star. Nothing draw me back.

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Not fun.

The control is good.

The fire kill is fresh to me.

With a beautiful introduction. Just nothing find fun in game.

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I like this over many other titles.

The cute Ballz move at a constant speed, player just bounce to collect.

simple& precise control.

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Game: SuperTuxKart

It will be a great game if it can get online play and real-time level editing(coop).

It now have user-content download system.

Still long way to go, first to get Network game-play.

Map also can refine.

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Game: Orxonox

Not finished yet. Bookmark this one to come back to later.