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It looks very promising, considering what has been done so far.
I couldn't find details about it's commercial status. I wonder what commercial model they'll choose (pre-order, pay-for-content, pay-for-the-engine....)

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Installation and running:

  • Install "git" package ("sudo apt-get install git" on Debian-based systems)
  • Execute "git clone git://" to get the game
  • Execute "sh" to run it
  • Survive!
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I don't know why I give this 10 stars game 9 stars.

Don't ask me.

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Dear sixsixfive, now it is my turn to misunderstand: why do you say, that game-data is not free and open? Is not CC a free license? The only restriction is commercial use - but who cares? Use, modify and freely redistribute (don`t sell) game-data under the same license! Maybe you mean that the existence of license is restriction?

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I have been waiting for for this since 2007


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No 64bit binary

Troll rating now. for this.

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Right, and I understand your anger, but per definition it isn't a open-source game. Of course, the engine is, but the game data is not and an engine without game data isn't a game...

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The game engine is under GNU GPL, check it please and change the mark in description. Proof