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Game: Cave Story

Feeling odds. although its great. Let me guess. Whats wrong about the game? traveling too slow or Less content to explore in loss area.

BTW: new OpenSource engine for this game released.


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Game: Lugaru

I installed this directly from Debian

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It made simple collecting fun. so it success.

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I won't say much about graphics, its way simpler than And Yet It Moves.

The gameplay is smooth.

Die is not a burden. Respawn is good.

We love this type of casual, no much skills needed with an OK storyline.

Did I expect too much or dislike this type of game?

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Game: irrlamb

Before I played, I thought this is a greater game.

Fast Reaction + Precise Control

I knew lots of Linux gamers are still waiting for a Ballance! clone: Puzzle-oriented Marble game rather than action-oriented.

They may wait longer or start to get a project up.

On the other hand, I request a Maemo/Meego Port here.
Irrlicht engine OpenGL->OpenGL ES seems not easy though.

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Game: Cogs

Nice puzzles/effects.

As if OpenSource, it probably find a better platform.

Mobile. Puzzle could stay on mobile even longer than Desktop.

Netbook/Tablet also.

Although, on a powerful computer provide Anti-aliasing which greatly improve the graphics, I felt I'd better play this game on my tablet.

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Your reply made me cannot edit my post dude...

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Ok, it looks fine now. I would only add two more links:
as an addition or replacement for the official product page. The packs can easily be found from there.
is the Postal 2: Share The pain version distributed by LGP.

I agree with you, Collection should be replaced with Requiem. I consider another valid option removing "Overture" and "Black Plague" from the database. The full Collection is now the only available purchase in the official store.