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Looks like sixsixfive decided to replace Postal 2 Multiplayer with Postal 2 and mentioned Multiplayer and Apocalypse Weekend within the description.

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Game: Dead Cyborg

Browser version (with Linux support) is released:

However, it requires Burster plugin (which allows running Blender Game Engine based games in browser):
Unfortunately, at the moment it is available only for RPM based systems (it is said that *.deb will be also available soon); if you want to run it under Debian based systems you will need to manually extract files from *.rpm package and install them.

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  • POSTAL: Classic and Uncut
  • POSTAL 2: Share The Pain
  • POSTAL 2: Apocalypse Weekend
  • POSTAL 2: A Week in Paradise
  • Eternal Damnation


> The last two are mods developed by Resurrection-Studios.
If they run under Linux, it's ok to add them, just mention that they need original game to play in description (and add Total Conversion tag, if required).

> Do you think they should be also included or is redundant?
I think the packs (as separate entries) will be redundant. Instead, for every game that is available in pack you could mention it in the description/comment and provide additional link for that pack.

> When searching for examples of packs in the database, I found the "Penumbra: Collection"...
IMO, Collection should be replaced with Requiem, and then information/links about Collection should be mentioned for every game in series.

> Please, note that "Overture" and "Black Plague" miss the developer information.
Thanks, fixed.

> Postal 3 will be released for Linux
Yes, as far as I know devs had promised the Linux version. Let's hope that nothing goes wrong and it will be released.

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if its an add-on like requiem for the penumbra series, it should be mentioned in the description and not added separately.
if its a total conversion it should be added separately.

Postal 3 will be released for Linux
lets see...

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"The Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook" game should be available for preorder next week. But for now you can purchase the first game at a discounted price:

> For those who yet haven’t played the first game, during this weekend we’re running an amazing promotion: the first title, Flower Shop: Summer In Fairbrook will be available for only $9.99 ! Spread the word and if you haven’t already, buy the game and play it to get introduced to Fairbrook and its people!

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>I couldn't find details about it's commercial status.
Some information can be found here:
Of course, you can also ask about payment model on their forums.

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I'll give it a 10 then

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It looks very promising, considering what has been done so far.
I couldn't find details about it's commercial status. I wonder what commercial model they'll choose (pre-order, pay-for-content, pay-for-the-engine....)