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No 64bit binary

Troll rating now. for this.

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Right, and I understand your anger, but per definition it isn't a open-source game. Of course, the engine is, but the game data is not and an engine without game data isn't a game...

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The game engine is under GNU GPL, check it please and change the mark in description. Proof

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Paragraph 2: Source Code. Here it is!
Paragraph 3: Derived Works. The licenses are GNU GPL and CC, both of them allow modifications and derived works, and allow them to be distributed under the same terms as the license of the original software.

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Plz, remain polite ;)

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Game: Dead Cyborg

Episode 1 already released for windows, Linux version should be released soon too.

Note about development model:
[quote]The game will be published by episodes (2-3 hours of play per episode). The first episode is released. The next episode will come when enough donation is paid for the first episode. The full game will have 3 episodes.[/quote]
So, if you like it - donate.

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Well, I think you'll need to draw a line between open source and freeware, and don't forget paragraph 2 and 3 which is in conflict with your imagination.

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Game: Cave Story

Awesome game, though very difficult. It has great storyline with three endings (got the "normal" one, but without Curly; not sure if I'll be able to get "extended" one, may be too difficult for me), various weapons (you can't collect all of them at a time - at some points you should decide which weapon to choose), secrets, lots of different enemies, etc. If you like old-school platform games this is definitely one to try.