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I think that NC does not restrict free non-commercial redistribution. Just imagine the fat dude, that sells free opensource game, which he did`t made! I think that if the Ur-Quan community wanted to sell it, they would choose other license.

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Game: Hammerfight

This is a BRILLIANT game, one of the best ever created. Definitely. 10 stars, no doubt. I've played it ~3 years ago (it was then known under the name of Hammerfall) on windoze, and it just had blown my mind. Awesome story, awesome graphics, awesome gameplay. Nothing to complain about (well, maybe only the english translation was not perfect then, but things might had changed during these 3 years). Seriously, you must try it.

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Game: Overgrowth

Just in case you don't know: you can already preorder game here

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I think that we'll finally have to introduce that separate open/closed tag for resources, otherwise we will always have some misunderstanding on how to interpret closed/open source. Let's see what pheonton thinks.

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Why is the game marked as "Closed source"? It is the real OpenSource project! The code is under GNU GPL and all data (voiceovers, dialogue, graphics, sounds, and music) is under CC BY-NC-SA. Proof
Check it, please, and let there be Freedom!

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Best teamplay FPS on Linux IMHO. I just got a brand new copy off of Amazon for $5. Well worth it for the cdkey so I can play online. Still a lot of servers open and playing. I might just rent a server as well. lol

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Game: Syndicate

FreeSynd isn't compiling for me as yet.

I will rate it 9 nonetheless, for the great effort the devs are making in fixing the bugs I report in the blink of an eye