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Game: Chzo Mythos

Awesome set of games. Already played 5,6,7 Days and liked all of them (the story in 7DoS, however, is overcomplicated a bit, IMO), especially Seven Days (that first "entering-the-hub" moment was really thrilling). Definitely, don't miss Chzo Mythos. And I recommend playing them in the late evening/night, alone in the room with the lights turned off, like I did ;)

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Nice game; i know the show on tv is even on AXN i will give it a try to see. May i will start to like it as i did with Naev :)

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Game: BEEP

Beep released. You can now purchase it via Gameolith; purchase via USC will be also available soon.

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Forum topic: Dead

agreed. unpublished.

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Excellent game, yet too short and easy.

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Extremely impressed by this program! It does so much and still works so well. A bit complicated to learn, but fantastic once you get past that.

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Tech-demo is available: announcement and download links

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Puzzle Moppet will be available completely free for 24 hours starting on Thursday 14th July.