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Why is the game marked as "Closed source"? It is the real OpenSource project! The code is under GNU GPL and all data (voiceovers, dialogue, graphics, sounds, and music) is under CC BY-NC-SA. Proof
Check it, please, and let there be Freedom!

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Best teamplay FPS on Linux IMHO. I just got a brand new copy off of Amazon for $5. Well worth it for the cdkey so I can play online. Still a lot of servers open and playing. I might just rent a server as well. lol

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Game: Syndicate

FreeSynd isn't compiling for me as yet.

I will rate it 9 nonetheless, for the great effort the devs are making in fixing the bugs I report in the blink of an eye

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Okay, there's no official Linux support for this and it's commercial, so buy at your own risk. And don't forget to play through the demo first, to see if it works (sorry guys, I just don't have time/money to buy and play every single game I add to database; I've just tested basic functionality and it seems to be fine). However, Chzo Mythos seem to be running fine via AGS Linux port, so I bet there shoudn't be any problems with Blackwell.

If you've played full version or demo don't forget to comment here about how it works.

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Game: Chzo Mythos

Awesome set of games. Already played 5,6,7 Days and liked all of them (the story in 7DoS, however, is overcomplicated a bit, IMO), especially Seven Days (that first "entering-the-hub" moment was really thrilling). Definitely, don't miss Chzo Mythos. And I recommend playing them in the late evening/night, alone in the room with the lights turned off, like I did ;)

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Nice game; i know the show on tv is even on AXN i will give it a try to see. May i will start to like it as i did with Naev :)

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Game: BEEP

Beep released. You can now purchase it via Gameolith; purchase via USC will be also available soon.