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Forum topic: Report post function

if we have some more activity we will have that feature. for now evil posts are spotted and dealt with fast enough.

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Nope. That doesn't work either.
By the looks of what is in config.log, it refuses to use gcc x86_64.

I loved this game, it is a real disappointment...

1/10 for a crappy port

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try CFLAGS="-m32" ./configure to build x86-32 applications on x86-64

btw. an extra tag wouldn't make sense because any amd64/x86-64 processor can execute and build x86-32/i386/ia-32/... applications

See also:

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At ./configure you get the following output when you compile on 64 bit machines.

checking if we are compiling for an i386 processor... no
configure: error: Sorry, this Syndicate Wars port will only run on i386 processors

I said it before, but a "strictly 32 bit" tag is very much needed IMHO

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Game: Unreal

Dont forget Quake2 or Quake3 :)

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I thought it is possible to play original game with new engine if you own Blood game data (sorry, I didn't tried it myself). Am I wrong?

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No history mode yet? What a pity!!!

I will give it a try anyway. I enjoyed blood a lot in the past.

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Game: Unreal

Although Unreal is old it's still a brilliant game. One the best FPS created, in my opinion. You should definitely give it a try if you hadn't yet. But you should keep in mind that unlike most modern First Person Shooters it's long and difficult.