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Game: Wakfu

AFAIR, Wakfu uses Java. AIR is used by Dofus.

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Game: Minecraft

Update the game, the last version is 1.7. Have Piston and More =].

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Game: Wakfu

The development to Adobe AIR its stop for Adobe.

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Maybe less hardcore StarCraft game, you're learning to play a real RTS is recommended as some Spring Mod Balanced Annihilation or Zero-K. Although Supreme Commander that sige also the same gameplay.

Balanced Annihilation is very similar and almost equal to Total Annihilation, a very old play games, but very good.

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This game it's very funny, the gameplay it's awesome type "OlSchool" and the history it's funny, but the most in this game is the gameplay, music and graphics.

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Game: MegaGlest

This game is excellent, the IA Work perfectly and have diferent modes(Hard, Normal and Easy). The Gameplay the this games is simply and awesome, The Models it's good, but can improve.

And the accion it's Excellent, my favorite is de Persian =].

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Thanks, that was fast!

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