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Game: MegaGlest

This game is excellent, the IA Work perfectly and have diferent modes(Hard, Normal and Easy). The Gameplay the this games is simply and awesome, The Models it's good, but can improve.

And the accion it's Excellent, my favorite is de Persian =].

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Thanks, that was fast!

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reviews moved to separate rss feed

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completely agreed, but thats a hack of work. rating a review is of course not that difficult but calculating the meta rating from all the reviews including the individual ratings of the reviews is overkill.
on the other hand i dont see people going to vote for a review, even rating games is not very common bye the users of this site ^^

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Game: Quantum

if a clone is better then its better.

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i hope you are not especially fond of editing this entry? because i have no idea and if this is not happening again would like to leave it untouched. this said, the next step would be to check the database.

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You can purchase this one for only $2.99 until 5th July in Ubuntu Software Center.

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No, Edit button is still unavailable