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One idea made me laugh:D

The plane just stuck on air. WOW.

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fixed. comments were disabled for no particular reason.

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Game: FooBillard

Thanks for the info, I'll add it in next few days (if nobody else will do it).

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Yeah, it looks there are some kind of Admin-only privileges set for it, I can't comment/modify this entry too.

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Game: Gate 88

I even don't remeber how to play it now, thus cannot mod from spring...

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Hmmm... the last thing I can recommend for now, is trying different version of python. The one I've used was 2.6.6. If this won't help I'll install Ubuntu 11.04 in VirtualBox and look at it closer.

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Thanks your help.
But I still can't run it.

NumPy library has already installed. It's 'python-numpy', right??

When I tried to run, 'pygame window' appeared. But it disappeared soon. And same masseges appeared again on terminal. is same. But terminal shows another massege about path(/home/USERNAME/pywright).