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I could download but I can't run it.

I installed python-pygame, python-opengl, and I typed 'python' in terminal, I could see below messages.


Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 39, in
File "core/", line 3151, in run
File "core/", line 2877, in make_start_script
File "core/", line 3059, in draw_screen
File "core/", line 3056, in draw_segment
surf = fit(surf,rs)
File "core/", line 3041, in fit
surf = pygame.transform.scale(surf,size)
TypeError: integer argument expected, got float

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Game: ZEQ2 Lite

That's it!! thanks

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This is awesome game. It adds some useful features to minecraft (mostly in the game engine). Author has to add more blocks and it will be completely playable.
I have a server with minetest and play there with my friends.

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I think you'll have to wait until Desura is released

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There are two ways of getting the game:
* download game Data and Engine separately (see provided links) and try to launch them (this method didn't worked for me)
* alternatively, grab tha latest Engine version which already includes game Data by issuing "hg clone pywright" command (you'll need 'mercurial' package to be installed)

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They need lower price and bundle with Survivor for selling more units.

$10 for each, and announce once reach $10000 sales they put level editor document/tool online. :D

Or should release modding tool and level creation tool. --- although the sourcecode released already.

Network gameplay would be great though.

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Nice game.
Similar to minecraft, but already GPL, free and with low system requirements.

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a really great game ;)