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Nice game.
Similar to minecraft, but already GPL, free and with low system requirements.

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a really great game ;)

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I have tested it as well a few days ago.
As said by sixsixfive there isn't much for now.
All you can do is roam the map with 5 units and kill 5 enemy units that don't fight back.

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Game: A3P

I see, there was no such repository before and now.

Thank you

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Ok, I think we should wait then and not add it for now until the project becomes more mature.

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works, but is very limited only one map, no multiplayer, no AI, no settings screen

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Can anybody test it, please? It requires OpenGL 3.0, but my machine doesn't support it.

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Game: A3P

That's not true.

add "deb squeeze main" to your sources and install panda3d-runtime (if you aren't on squeeze, just change that part)
Restart your browser

instructions from panda3d website: