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Forum topic: A MOD Section?

Ok, only the first game come from an Engine is a game, all rest are mods/ total conversion.

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Forum topic: Panda plugin

Actually, only A3P seems to be working on linux...

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Game: A3P

It works flawlessly for me.
Are you sure you have installed the panda plugin from their repo?

On the other hand, the game looks quite good, but needs sound effects very badly.

Also same better way to differentiate who are your friends and your foes is needed.

Overall very good for a browser game

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I don't think that every game developer plans to get you addicted forever to his game.
Frogatto is light, polished and funny. It aims to entertain you for a few hours, and it does that very well in my opinion

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Forum topic: A MOD Section?

Spring was originally developed as a foss replacement to the TA engine, so yes, there is an original game.
If the ioquake engine wasn't opensourced, and someone wrote a foss replacement the situation would be the same.

In the end this is a pointless complaint, as this is the best way to deal with such games, and you aren't even offering an alternative.

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Game: Stringrolled

Wow, very nice platform game. I have packaged it for Pardus, it can be installed by following commands:

$ sudo pisi ar happy-kitty
$ sudo pisi em stringrolled

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It cannot prevent me from going to other games.

Deleted it fast: copying svn took much shorter than in-game though.

Edit: ok, 1.1 have more fun. I'd raise the rating.

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IMO its from one who want the game to be played

I want to share what I like, so I rate high on many titles may be disaster to others.