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I agree. Unvanquished is a great game and it's nice to promote it, but it's IMO unfair to the other winners (and non-winners) of the LGA to promote it ad libitum.

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Forum topic: Duplicate

Thanks, I've merged both entries, duplicate (this one) will be deleted shortly

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Forum topic: Not Working On Linux

This game WORKS fine on Linux Mint.
You can install Steam, Look in the Linux Games Library and you will see this game. Works THROUGH steam i guess.

REMEMBER: Steam has this FreeToPlay game available NOW

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Forum topic: Well done


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Emulator: PPSSPP

very nice, playing kingdom hearts here in 720p on an old intel celeron with integrated hd graphics

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Just as a little update: It looks pretty much like the original game now. With a normal menu start and so on. Goal of version 1.0 is to make the original morrowind playable to 100%, by the way. So additions are not (yet) planned. There are some exceptions though, like there is someone working on joystick support and things like that.

It's a bit weird to install it, because some files on the disk are hidden. On linux, I mounted it with the "unhide" option and then used the installer of the engine. On OSX I wasn't able to use the "unhide" option, so I used rsync to copy the whole disk to a local folder. Then I used the engines installer.

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About the tags:

Somehow I didn't see the editor tag at first, thanks :P

You are right. I first thought it may be worth thinking about because there is quiet a number of games with a really buggy controller support, which is partly a result of a "wrong" default mapping of the xbox360 controller axis on linux (combined with bugs in in-game keybinding). But lgdb is no giant bug tracker and issues like this can still be stated in comments.

About the search:

How about a search tag, like "forum:$searchstring"? Are there even other search tags like "Game:"? If yes it would be something for the FAQ.

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>Oh and... I probably should open a new topic for those, but how about a "level editor" category tag?

check out this tag:

>Also there could be tags for controller support and so on. The increasing rate of indie games being released on linux may need additional tags

I personally think we have already too many tags, (we already have more than the most gaming sites) - just have a look at our nice "confusing" adv. gamelist ;)