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Forum topic: Cool updates

The next version will include a xp and level system.
I hope you'll enjoy it :)

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Forum topic: ChaosEsque Release 54

Note: If you have a recent version (53 etc) and just want to update the code
a contributor has uploaded those files, additionally, seperatly.

You can place the following files in the directory XonoticChaosEsque/data/
replacing the older versions of these 2 files:

(There are also git repos available)

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One of the contributors did you a little favor.
You can put these in you XonoticEtc/data/ directory you have from downloading a previous ChaosEsque ISO:

This won't have map updates but it is today's code, this one time.
Maybe you should thank that contributor for helping you out this day.

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This should be above the 52 release comment.

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> There's a word for that, see if you can come up with it (political/government type).
Many of the Team support Mr. Vladimir Putin, his ways and means. He is an inspiration. He revived the Church in Royssia and made the nation and the people value themselves again.

>repository for maps
The maps rarely change. Use the ISO. We are up against a limit of a DVD. More maps would be made if not. Thoughts are to make an additional DVD for new characters and maps.

>repository (for updates)
The git repo xonotic-concrete is what you want.
It's struture is like:

What you do is you get this repo, but rename it xonotic-concrete-data.pk3dir
you move that pk3dir to a data dir of xontic:
So now it is: XonoticChaos/data/xonotic-concrete-data.pk3dir/sounds
You can also put it in ~/.xonotic/data/

You then get the compiler "gmqcc" (it is on the iso btw, along with the rest of the source)
you go into XonoticChaos/data/xonotic-concrete-data.pk3dir/sounds/qcsrc
and make.

Whenever you want to update code you git pull in xonotic-concrete-data.pk3dir

Eventually, some months later, get an iso again if you suspect some maps have changed (usually small settings).

>Download difficulty
This may be due to the host, some people it works, others it doesn't. Sometimes they take awhile to update the mirrors. They don't charge so we use them. They are good.

>ISO is hard
It is nothing for us to make an ISO, We do this multiple times per day sometimes as we back up whatever progress we make in each coding session. ISOs are a matter of course, making the release ISO is just "make iso but do not burn it to disc" option.

>You have responsibility
No, we benefit you as an ancillary happenstance.
If you would like we could stop publishing updates.
Would you like?

>Download count
This is desired only to rub it in some number of persons face, at a later date. To spit on them as they have spit on us.

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Ok, so first of all, you're the one submitting the game to gaming sites. This implies you would like others to play the game and hear about it. You also mentioned that you want a high download count on SourceForge, I suppose to gain popularity. As a developer of games, you have to understand that you at least partially should appease some people for what they want, or in this case, what they NEED. I never said that I WANTED an alternative system to download the files, I said that I and others NEEDED other ways to download the files, because from a completely objective, logical, practical, programming, and distribution, distributing a completely digital online game that gets updated frequently SOLELY as an ISO, is simply unheard of, especially in the gaming world. It's impractical, non-functional, and causes problems for very many. If you ask any developer if ISOs are the way to distribute a digital game online, they will say "NO WAY!" Do you and your group even download the ISOs from the site to see if they download well and in a reasonable amount of time?

We're not asking you to make our game, or to go out of your way to do anything special for us. We're saying that we are ALL having problems downloading your game, it's not working, so please help us get the game in another way that's easier for everyone, including you and your team, so that you don't have to keep making ISOs all the time. All I've heard so far is that you expect us to just listen to you, and anything we say is worthless and beneath you. There's a word for that, see if you can come up with it (political/government type).

All I really NEED right now is another repository for the maps, since you said they're only in the ISO. Although I do see maps.pk3 in many of the repositories you listed , is that all the maps? Please at least make a repository for maps. I'm sure I can come up with a script to download everything needed for the game directly from the repositories. Maybe I'll even come up with a branch that distributes the game in a reasonable way.

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>So you develop a game that you don't particularly want people to play. Looks like it's not worth downloading the ISO to give it a try then.

Do not care. Do not care at all. Be passive aggressive all you want. We are not your employees,( or would you like to be sued for not paying us our wages??)
What a stupid conclusion you make: "Devs provide ISO" "Someone doesn't like that" "Devs still provide ISO but note that they create the game for their own enjoyment" ":. Game is not worth downloading"

:. (Conclusion) Only games where the Devs are primarily concerned with placating random others are valuable. Games which are made for the love of it are worthless.

Stupid Stupid Stupid.
Do you think about what you write before you write it?

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> The team works on the fork of the game. Distribution is beyond its scope. Websites are beyond its scope.
> If you would like to distribute the fork in another manner or even create a website that might attract more people
> who might wish to play the fork, feel free. Note, however, more users, different ways to distribute, benefits those
> working on the fork in no way.

So you develop a game that you don't particularly want people to play. Looks like it's not worth downloading the ISO to give it a try then.