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Anybody want to update the graphics :D

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Game: JAG

It was good luck I tried a gem.

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Game: N

Not playable, I cannot give it a rating.


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Game: Spring: 1944

Maybe somehow hardcore.

If there is detailed guide, I will give this game higher rating.

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For once I agree with you.
2-3 months is what it takes for this great game to get repetitive. Too few maps and one game mode only are the main problem. It seems that S2 stopped completely development to concentrate on HoN

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Game: Legends

I would like this type of game come back.

I hope tribes2 open source"D

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Game: LordsAWar!

I don't like it crash- and tt do a lot.

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It is a good game, just above average.

Many will exit this game after 2~3 months play.