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Game: Liquid War

This is a stone/ Stand there as people passing out.

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Cannot see original or gameplay improvement!

Why don't then CLONE Mario Bros 3! I would play that!

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Game: The Goonies

The ugly looked boy ruin my memory///

on the other hand, this is way too hard

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I know all the data files are available for free on their web site and that LGP just packaged everything up on a DVD and sold it. LGP did that with a lot of things like Neverwinter Nights, windows version + their created Linux install DVD. Yes the source code of the engine is on Sourceforge so people can pull it down and work on it. It might attract more developers and users if the data sets were dumped into the CVS.

I am sure some people might like it, but not too many people even know it exists. My issue is that it was more of a snowboard simulator and instead I was looking for a game. I would love to see it become something more like SSX Tricky or whatever as a game instead. Racing down a course with AI players and doing tricks for speed boosts. Not very realistic but fun to play.

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Game: Braid

Good to read these words to understand a story

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Game: Barrage

Or this concept have its limitation.

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Game: Lips of Suna

Want to see whats next

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This game need to enter next Humble Indie Bundle!