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Excellent for community level sets!

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Game: Slingshot

nothing missed so don't need any further development.

unfortunately, most FOSS also fall into this crap -:

no update-> no exposure -> people forgot

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Game: Zaz

Graphics is the drawback. better with some plain balls

Other than that, its great.

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Game: Teeworlds

Probably worst/weakest in this genre, poor vs other titles - maybe graphics is the greatest weapon in gaming. This is the case.

OpenLieroX having more fun, OpenClonk having more play points: in contrast, teeworlds own best reputation and fame, increidle.

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Game: Achron

I won't rate it for it costing $30 to play, I would put that amount of money in donation purpose, to some creaters in Spring community or to Scribus/Inkscape community.

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Game: Ardentryst

Too bad! It was a nice project!! :(

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Game: Ardentryst

Thanks again, added it.
Sadly, but developer decided to stop Ardentryst's development and started the new game which is called "Ardentryst: Crystal of Balance". This is developed with C#+XNA and will be Xbox only :(

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It is soulride. Thatcher Ulrich originally release virtual Jaypeak for Linux (and others) as an ad for Jaypeak. There is also Breckenridge & Stratton I believe. It was going to be advertising for the resorts and for a special snowboard video game controller that slingshot made. Somewhere along the way Thatcher worked with LGP to release the full Soulride for Linux.

The source code is also available under GPL. ( I know there was a patch to enable acceleration so you could go back up hills and another that disabled crashing. I was always bummed about how interest never picked up for the game. It was hard to control, but I liked it. And with source code, it could have been augmented.

Also, Thatcher was really nice when I was trying to get the data files for the windows version of Breckenridge & Stratton to work with the Linux version of Jaypeak. I was hoping the Linux release would have been more successful for him.