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Game: Tile Racer

Player in their forum talk about future:
which is the Stunt Rally!

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Excellent for community level sets!

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Game: Slingshot

nothing missed so don't need any further development.

unfortunately, most FOSS also fall into this crap -:

no update-> no exposure -> people forgot

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Game: Zaz

Graphics is the drawback. better with some plain balls

Other than that, its great.

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Game: Teeworlds

Probably worst/weakest in this genre, poor vs other titles - maybe graphics is the greatest weapon in gaming. This is the case.

OpenLieroX having more fun, OpenClonk having more play points: in contrast, teeworlds own best reputation and fame, increidle.

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Game: Achron

I won't rate it for it costing $30 to play, I would put that amount of money in donation purpose, to some creaters in Spring community or to Scribus/Inkscape community.

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Game: Ardentryst

Too bad! It was a nice project!! :(

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Game: Ardentryst

Thanks again, added it.
Sadly, but developer decided to stop Ardentryst's development and started the new game which is called "Ardentryst: Crystal of Balance". This is developed with C#+XNA and will be Xbox only :(