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It is soulride. Thatcher Ulrich originally release virtual Jaypeak for Linux (and others) as an ad for Jaypeak. There is also Breckenridge & Stratton I believe. It was going to be advertising for the resorts and for a special snowboard video game controller that slingshot made. Somewhere along the way Thatcher worked with LGP to release the full Soulride for Linux.

The source code is also available under GPL. ( I know there was a patch to enable acceleration so you could go back up hills and another that disabled crashing. I was always bummed about how interest never picked up for the game. It was hard to control, but I liked it. And with source code, it could have been augmented.

Also, Thatcher was really nice when I was trying to get the data files for the windows version of Breckenridge & Stratton to work with the Linux version of Jaypeak. I was hoping the Linux release would have been more successful for him.

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Game: ZEQ2 Lite

by gameroot i mean your assets(models, maps, scripts, textures, shaders etc.) dir, these files are included in the latest stable build:

svn co -r 1526 zeq2lite

You said that you want a amd64 build, but there is none, so you have to build one from source:

svn co -r 1526 zeq2litesource

after an successful build copy the new amd64 binary and its libraries to your previously downloaded stable build

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Game: Ardentryst

Brilliant game, this game is fantastic. A great mix and nice use of Pygame.

Video (GamePlay):

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Game: ZEQ2 Lite

I am not understanding something here.
If you built the game in the folder zeq2litesource, how comes you gameroot is zeq/zeq2lite?

Actually, I think I am getting confused on what you mean by GAMEROOT at this point...

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if you extract the content of the package the binary is called: soulride.
maybe its a different version?

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Game: ZEQ2 Lite

Make sure that you run it from the gameroot eg: cd $GAMEROOT && ./ZEQ2.$ARCH

your folder should look like this:

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Thanks, added