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No comments on this so far?

To summarize again, I suggested to change the development stage categories to:

- Alpha (now called “Alpha funding”)
- Beta
- Finshed and maintained (now called “Finished”)
- Finished, not maintained
- Aborted

The key motivation here that our current categories often do finished games a disjustice. The current problem is that unfinished games for which development stopped will fall into the same category as for games which are finished, but just not maintained anymore: Abandoned. This is a very important distinction which LGDB is lacking IMO.

In other words, if you search for “Finished” games, your result will be very likely incomplete because you will miss the finished games marked as “Abandoned”. Otherwise, if you include “Abandoned” games in your search as well, your result is tainted with games which never made it into beta.

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Then the poster should have changed the link , but not post links to invalid resources.

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I have a problem DDay presentation say that it is a game "closed source" but it is Opensource, and non commercial !

How to modifi that ?

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I finale flou d how to add thé game on thé data base. This website is really good !
Thann you.

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Being Cube an engine designed for arena shooters (i.e. Quake III) It is hard to develop a game other than an FPS. There are only a few of them:

Broken Shield (Medieval themed PvP MMO)

Isle (Adventure game set in a fantasy island)

Kelgar Alpha (open world fantasy RPG)

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Emulator: BeagleSNES

The link is unavailable. But sharing my rig ( ) haven't tried the emulator since im using Linux as my main OS. It should on mine properly.

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Forum topic: Wall of Text

Good change. And nice game.