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>Oh and... I probably should open a new topic for those, but how about a "level editor" category tag?

check out this tag:

>Also there could be tags for controller support and so on. The increasing rate of indie games being released on linux may need additional tags

I personally think we have already too many tags, (we already have more than the most gaming sites) - just have a look at our nice "confusing" adv. gamelist ;)

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Forum topic: Only 1 video shows up

I think the screenshots are supposed to give a first impression. They are not supposed to show you all maps. Highlight the amount of levels or the level editor in the text or in a video. Look at how many screenshots exist for other games and reduce yours accordingly. This really is too much imho. To compensate the loss of information, I would make a video if I were you.

Also, there is a category tag for games with level editors.

But to come back to the topic, I have the same "problem" with only one video appearing here:

I provided three youtube links, but it shows only the first one. This is especially disappointing because one of the videos not shown is actual gameplay on linux, while the trailers were made with the windows version.

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Forum topic: Only 1 video shows up

Did you take it for a spin? It has 100+ maps. It comes with a map editor too so you can add your own maps.

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Forum topic: Only 1 video shows up

I don't know about the video, but IMO there are _way_ too many screenshots. It took like 5 seconds to load in a psychedelic fashion, I was tempted to close the page without further looking at the description or some screenshots.

IMO the page should give a preview of your game, usually 4-5 screenshots is good (you can probably go up to 10 if you want, but not 80 or something).

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The game can be completed in less than 2 hours, according to my estimations.

They also were broadcasting a message a few time ago...

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Forum topic: Something New

This games uses RenPy and is written in python, thus, it's cross-plataform.
It should work on any linux machine, even debian, apparently.

Also, when you right-click you open the save/load screen, that's a shortcut like 'Esc'. Left clicking should not do that. (Except by the fact that it did with me a few times...)

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Forum topic: Fun, but...

If I'm not mistaken, there is a button to you skip the battles, that can be enabled by accessing the file "game/options.rpy" and changing the 'config.developer=False' to 'config.developer=True'.
(please note capitalization: "TRUE" or "true" will not work, case sensitive.)

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meh its either free or commercial(subscription, f2p, one time)