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Forum topic: Cool but slow

The AI's thinking time is the AI's level in seconds, you can decrease the level for faster play. Default is 6s.

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ok i added f2p as a category/tag:

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Forum topic: free alpha?


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Forum topic: nice

Hey, developer here. Thanks for featuring Dimension Drive! Hope you like what we have cooked. Thanks also for all the bug reporting, the more feedback we get the better the final game will be :)

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Forum topic: nice

Chromium B.S.U in two dimensions?
There's a bug in the current demo (0.5) if you install as root and play as normal user. To fix (as root)
cd "Dimension Drive 0.5.0 Linux"
ln -sf "Dimension Drive 0.5.0_Data/high_score.xml" "Dimension Drive 0.5.0_Data\\high_score.xml"
ln -sf "Dimension Drive 0.5.0_Data/player_profile.xml" "Dimension Drive 0.5.0_Data\\player_profile.xml"

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Forum topic: Wine Crossover

>Something has changed since then?

no, we just agreed that we will now incude emulated games as long they are distributed for Linux/supported on Linux.

you can also view (or hide) them with the new tag emulated:

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hm the last version was released in 2012 so I guess we can tag it as abandoned, also about frozen: I guess we could tag them as abandoned and retag them if the development continues someday

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Forum topic: Development Abandoned

Changed to abandoned, also also added Laserbrain Studios to the Dev and forum link. Thanks!

Also the game is great, I have been following the updates of this dev regularly.