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It requires Glew 32 bit to run, as it cannot find Glew normally installed and gives a "wrong ELFclass" error is symbolic link is added.

I think we need a "32bit only" tag

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Game: Violetland

Things happening next? Who knows.

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Game: 0 A.D.

The game has just got playable, with a decent AI and a few scenarios to choose.
You have probably tries some earlier alpha

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Game: ZEQ2 Lite

It builds fine on 64 bit Ubuntu, but I haven't managed to start it yet (some errors about .cfg files)
I will try again tomorrow with a little more time

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thx for the info!

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Game: ZEQ2 Lite

You could try it...

svn co -r 1526 zeq2litesource && cd zeq2litesource && make

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Game: Bombermaaan

Fun, second fun game I ever played in this genre.

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Game: Atomic Tanks

Just I hope there is larger map and tricky tank move.

You know : the Crzay Tank overwhelm Worms for a long time until it shutdown.

With different tank characters.