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Game: Bombermaaan

Fun, second fun game I ever played in this genre.

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Game: Atomic Tanks

Just I hope there is larger map and tricky tank move.

You know : the Crzay Tank overwhelm Worms for a long time until it shutdown.

With different tank characters.

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Mania Drive: no real works happened on game, just engine enveloping

Soya3D games: Slune one of the best shingle player under Linux.

Balazar brothers. Balazar 3. etc... A lot of python games left unfinished...

Even Pyrats!!! Flying Iron...

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It said this game full of humor which I kind of lacking of. Thus, I add one star for that I missed.

The game-play is boring imo.

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Game: 0 A.D.

Although it has potential, which is also low imo. Since I've been watching&testing it long.

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Game: ZEQ2 Lite

No amd64 build )=<

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(actually, it shouldn't be shown User Gamin Choice list at all).
fixed ^^

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The game is added to database, but is not published yet, that's why you can't access it (actually, it shouldn't be shown User Gamin Choice list at all).
The reason it's not published is the following: developers of the game currently have some legal issues with SEGA (which owns all the rights for Streets of Rage), and they've deleted all download links for game and warn/ban anyone, who tries to post alternate links. So, the legal status of the game is under question now, everything depends on what agreement will developers achieve with SEGA.
Of course, you can try to find the binaries any other way, but I bet this is illegal.

Here are the links for SoRR project:

Problem announcement: