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Quote from the site:
The game has been released in the middle of May 2011 ..., and will also be available in few weeks on PC, Mac and Linux. The price isn’t set yet but you can expect it to be available for less than 5 dollars.

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This is a good game. The current version in the Ubuntu Repos (apt install) is 1.0rc1 The website for the game is seriously out of date (says version 0.3, circa 2006) I would like to know if this game will ever be completed. I played to levels: Fountain river and then Coqueliform. But at the end where it is supposed to go to Pompom Forest it just puts you back to the main menu and there is no continuing. I tried running the command "balazar_brothers --start-level pompon_forest" but that appears to be obsolete based on an old version and doesn't work - though it is still suggested by the command line --help. Does anyone know a way to get the Forest Level to run (or if it still exists) in the newest version? It's a great game once you get past the slightly unpolished game controls situation. Really fun puzzle. Is this game still being developed or has development moved (given than the official website is so far behind the working version in the repos) Thanks!

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Forum topic: A MOD Section?

Thanx for the games list,
Some of these look really good, I am already downloading 80)

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lexaloffle is now seeking betatesters for Zen, Chocolate, Jasper & Neko. If you want to help him with testing Linux versions of these games [and get them for free ;)], see this post:

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Forum topic: Game video

Thanks Venn, added it.

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Game: Warzone 2100

I remember spending a few weeks of my life on the campaign mode of this game for PS1, in the 90's.
The community behind it is quite active, new updates are released quite regularly.

I am very surprised there isn't almost any modding going on

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So it seems

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Hi, dude, our point of view kind opposite ;p