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Are you sure you installed stunt coureur there?

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Game: Tremulous


2000 players left. 3 players has left per every day(average amount for 1200 days). Thats what dobruyyk saw on that picture. dobruiyyk thinks that if such a bad tendency won't turn over a new better leaf Tremulous is going to pass away in 2000/3 = approximately 666 days \o.O/

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Game: Tremulous

Watch the trolls/threats: play nice

I never heard about a game die.

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Game: Tremulous

Here is a quote from official donor of Tremulous (« Reply #5 on: March 22, 2011, 12:49:52 PM »):
"Don't expect 1.2 anytime soon. While there are coders making small adjustments quite often, progress is very slow. Apparently it was decided that the majority of the sounds needed to be replaced with more liberal licensed ones. Now the current sounds in tremulous are by no means extraordinary, but lacking a 'sound guy' and the general slowness of this project, this is yet another very questionable decision.
The truth is that tremulous will probably be dead in a year or at most two: -4000 players over a period of 1200days. It's stuck in some kind of release fear, the current release is from 2006 and extremely buggy. You have to go through a lot of extra steps to get a decent (working) client. This is a major turnoff for new players as nobody wants to invest a lot of time just to get a game they don't even know running. At the same time consider this from a developer perspective. Do you want to make stuff for a game which has it's next release in 5+ years without any clear road map?"

As dobruiyyk has recently noticed, Tremulous is in dire need of some serious developers and system administrators with good IT related experience (for example, the current stupid team decided to ban dobruiyyk on the only survived as yet official server because dobruiyyk is "trolling cool computer burglar who definitely knows how to use Tor to play online games"). Oh, maybe dobruiyyk had been trolling a bit on the forum, but that was only because of the empty Tremulous servers : there was no stable online of continuous fans but tremulous "senior admins" have continued baning every newcomer for "noob" or "nub" playing though.

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so what...

What can I have fun in this game if Im the supertomato...

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Game: Egoboo

I like it, for the genre.

Present simple and fun game-play. You may need guidebook or think about it.

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Well made game, as in its genre.

I don't like it.

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Game: BEEP

BEEP will be soon available in Ubuntu Software Center. Now you try to join beta testing (see blogpost link).