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Well, this '10' ist often (like in this case) ballanced by a bad vote from someone who obviously hasn't even played the game (rate V2 based on the Demo of V1...)

Basically, you can drop *any* rating that is based on less than 5-10 votes anyhow...

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Not that were giving away a few free copies of Puzzle Moppet or anything… BUT, if we were it might be a solid decision to join the fan page since we will NOT use that for the giveaway on the 31'st ;)

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Game: Pingus

Lemmings are simply greater, for the fun.

I like this game, but even the custom level is too repeating.

However, the greatest problem: no development anymore. People should know this game!

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Wait, answer me a question; do you like this genre ?

People should only rate the a game on the genre he/she likes.

I saw tons of fools underrated ETQW because they hate to accomplish time-limit missions in the game, they just want to kill/casual.

Please divide ETQW from those RTS not implement time limit.

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Game: Kobo Deluxe

Addictive and simple. Great for those without OpenGL acceleration.

Good quality in similar genre.

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Game: Trine

This game is such a great one! really glad they brought a Linux client out :) the graphics are lovely on it...the music goes well with the game and the gameplay is really good...I'm also doing lets play videos on this game!!

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Game: Kobo Deluxe

thanks, added

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Game: Kobo Deluxe