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Game: Kobo Deluxe

Addictive and simple. Great for those without OpenGL acceleration.

Good quality in similar genre.

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Game: Trine

This game is such a great one! really glad they brought a Linux client out :) the graphics are lovely on it...the music goes well with the game and the gameplay is really good...I'm also doing lets play videos on this game!!

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Game: Kobo Deluxe

thanks, added

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Game: Kobo Deluxe
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yes personal lists.
with checkboxes a complete list of all games need to be displayed witch is to long to be really usable. but maybe several autocomplete fields, where you type in the name of the game?

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Perhaps change the multiple select box to a list of games with checkboxes. At the moment hard to search for a game and select it.
btw most games are already in a list (eg specific genre, theme, etc.) what does this feature add? personal lists?

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This is a nice game, but it has some glitches and crashes ever so often.

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Game: Zero-K

The gameplay and the visuals are great. The depth of gameplay might be confusing to the casual gamer, but it allows the RTS fan a great, hectic experience. The visuals are outstanding, and improvements come all the time. I'm hooked.