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Game: Zero-K

The gameplay and the visuals are great. The depth of gameplay might be confusing to the casual gamer, but it allows the RTS fan a great, hectic experience. The visuals are outstanding, and improvements come all the time. I'm hooked.

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Funny and hard but yet addictive :D

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Game: Naev

One more step closer to a stable release:

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Game: 0 A.D.

Even if RTS games are not my favorite ones, i`m glad that this free; maximum rating for the graphics and style of the game.

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Very Impressive Game, hard to play and still fun when losing.

The one shortage for not being greatest game for me~

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Game: Irukandji 2

Screens and description are from original Irukanji - sorry for that, I'll update them when Irukanji 2 will be released.

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Game: Lips of Suna

OpenGL 2.1 is now supported

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Game: Zero-K

I have tried it a few times, I just don't get to like this one