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Join online battle.

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Game: Zero-K

I played tons of games, including those ALL from Humble Bundles, all large FPS, assaultcube, paintball, smok'gun, q3rally, openarena, quake3/live/4, doom3, tremulous, globulation2, warzone2100, glest(mega), widelands, wesnoth, Nexuiz/Xonotic, Savage1/2, Urban Terror, and more more, nearly 200 high quality games, imo. NOTHING MATCH ZERO-K.

On the same engine, Kernel Panic bring me back to RTS then CA(once ZK was called until last Sep) get me Crazy.

Zero-K is the stop in my gaming life, it get me bad and lazy to try other games, as i stay in lobby waiting a game, I feel anything other games not fun, I rather to do study while I wait.

This game ate 5~6% of my life last year.

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Game: Xonotic

I don`t know about 2 years ago but Xonotic has more "eye-candy" style in it than Nexuiz with plenty of changes. This means that the team behind it is working to prove that open source can produce something really really good.

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Game: Wakfu

I hated so much Dofus, that I won't even get close to this one.

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I agree with sysedit.
Most commercial games have one only vote. And it usually it is a 10. Obviously it is someone involved with the making of the game.

This has an easy solution: let us vote more.

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This game is really polished and good looking, but it gets boring so fast it is unbeliavable

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What did you expected from a game which costs only $8.99/~6€ ?

btw. there is no demo for ep2

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While playing with bots (4 or 5 maximum) on localhost the game freezes and if i look in the console i see the following line repeating several times:
Warning : Connection problem.
And after many lines like that i see this:
History consumed. Bailing out.

Of course after this incident the game runes fine; it happens from time to time and is a bit noisy. Any idea what`s causing this ?