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Game: Xonotic

I don`t know about 2 years ago but Xonotic has more "eye-candy" style in it than Nexuiz with plenty of changes. This means that the team behind it is working to prove that open source can produce something really really good.

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Game: Wakfu

I hated so much Dofus, that I won't even get close to this one.

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I agree with sysedit.
Most commercial games have one only vote. And it usually it is a 10. Obviously it is someone involved with the making of the game.

This has an easy solution: let us vote more.

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This game is really polished and good looking, but it gets boring so fast it is unbeliavable

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What did you expected from a game which costs only $8.99/~6€ ?

btw. there is no demo for ep2

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While playing with bots (4 or 5 maximum) on localhost the game freezes and if i look in the console i see the following line repeating several times:
Warning : Connection problem.
And after many lines like that i see this:
History consumed. Bailing out.

Of course after this incident the game runes fine; it happens from time to time and is a bit noisy. Any idea what`s causing this ?

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It is always the same with commercial games. They have high ratings, even if they are garbage.

Steel Storm makes no exception.
It is at best mediocre, but you will see that, when you play the demo.

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it depends a lot on the definition of poweruser, you are absolutely right if you use it in a genuine way. i was making a rather paraphrased difference between a user how is happy when stuff works and calls their ex if something is broken and a user who is not afraid of a terminal and knows some linux vocabulary like alsa, pulseaudio and apt ;) (understanding is a whole other matter, agreed)